Music and lovin

It is always all the time when you listen to the music and you feel the right emotion that brings you to greater heights. It is never boring, it is always fascinating. Music heal wounds. Music pacifies the soul. Music feels the rhythm of life. It is with music that we feel right, we feel our simplest or weirdest desires, and it is with music that we can even claim consolations to our complex bearings. We always dare to love and let love, hurt and damned, loss or die. All sorts of mix emotions. But let it be known that the greatest of all is to feel LOVE, as the music plays.

We are in another world. We felt the embrace of humanity. We have been darn stupid with our decisions in life. We have fallen rock bottom and yet we stood up! Those were some of the situations we are in. Those that make us feel complete as human, thus, we can never say there’s a little less boring moments. Music sparkles through the darkest moments of our lives. It ain’t hard to feel it! As we feel our essence and love for things to go right, we instantly redeem our becoming!

Let us all love. Let us listen to the music. Most importantly, let us listen to ourselves, to our sound selves. The good nature that we embody shall lead us to continue the journey of wonderful life built in goodwill making and happy listening, not only to our the song of our own soul but also to the soul of a every individual and the entire human race.